Flying Wheels Roller Rink

Ice Cold, Refreshing Drinks

Real Fruit Smoothies  $3

Fountain Sodas $1.30

Slush Puppies $1 small - $1.30 lg.

Bottled Water $1.30

Made to Order Pizza

Your choice of pepperoni, sausage, or cheese  made to order.   12" of awesomeness, hand-chopped into 6 slices for $8 or 1/6th of a pizza - $1.75

Fresh, Hot Cheese Curds

Locally produced, fresh from the fryer, absolutely delicious boat-load of piping hot cheese curds.  - $4.00

 Other Snacks

French Fries - Made to order, salted with sea salt, and fried in canola oil. - $1.75 or $3 for a plateful.

Jumbo Pretzel with  cheese - $2.00

Nachos - $2.00 (Jalepenos on request)

And More...

Jumbo Pickles $1

Beef jerky - prices vary. 


Cookies - Almost world famous chocolate chip cookies made to perfection - $.85

Assorted candy - $.25 - $1.50

Please notice how inexpensive our prices are!  We work hard at keeping costs affordable  and therefore DO NOT allow carry-in food or beverages.  Prices are subject to change without notice.